Print Confessions

At the start of a new year, have you ever thought of sending an email campaign with a clear strategy in mind for garnering more business—not just for your company, but helping your clients or prospects find new revenue sources?

Your company website is the FIRST place prospects go to evaluate you. How does your site compare to those of your competitors? Are you putting your company at a disadvantage right from the start? Here are some things to consider:

If a printing company provides excellent quality, great pricing and timely delivery—the big things—then that goes a long way to securing long-term partnerships with clients. That being said, the little things can really make a difference, as well.

The printing industry may well be vanishing, but PRINT IS GROWING. And you can be a part of that growth...if you’re willing to stop selling print and start figuring out how to do all manner of things for your clients that they can’t, won’t or simply don’t want to do for themselves.

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