Business Management

Owning/managing a commercial printing or digital printing operation brings challenges, be it
common business issues such as profitability, employee benefits, staffing and succession planning
or industry-specific ones like declining print volumes, over capacity and industry consolidation.

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How to Get Fired

Every sales manager and company president asks one question daily. Answer it for them and you’ll keep your sales job. So what is it?

Best Sales Rep Ever

During the course of our day, we all interact with salespeople and can learn some valuable sales lessons.

Hats Off to Print

I’m going to call Domtar Paper’s Blueline a magazine, but the label really isn’t important. What is important is print.

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On this episode of The Week that Was, we learned of the passing of Thomas Metzger; Heidelberg announced it will exhibit at PRINTING United; ClientLink and IBS Direct will merge to form Intellus; and Duggal Visual Solutions has upgraded its HP Indigo 12000 to HD.

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