Business Management

Owning/managing a commercial printing or digital printing operation brings challenges, be it
common business issues such as profitability, employee benefits, staffing and succession planning
or industry-specific ones like declining print volumes, over capacity and industry consolidation.

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When On Time Means Late

Have you ever delivered a perfect job in a reasonable amount of time and then lost the account because of it?

Going Beyond Ink on Paper

Printers can develop signage and printed displays able to trigger authentic, user-driven conversations on social media.

HH Global Releases Financials

HH Global announced unaudited financial results for the final three months and full fiscal year ended March 31, 2018.

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In this edition of The Week that Was, the Xerox, Fuji deal may officially be over; a bipartisan group of Senators has introduced a bill, called the PRINT Act; we spoke with Cheryl Kahanec, Quantum Group's new CEO; and Editor-in-Chief Mark Michelson interviewed 30-year ad agency veteran, Tedd Aurelius, newly appointed VP of sales at IWCO Direct.

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