Print Buyer

Print Buyer
It’s the Little Things that Win Out

If a printing company provides excellent quality, great pricing and timely delivery—the big things—then that goes a long way to securing long-term partnerships with clients. That being said, the little things can really make a difference, as well.

What to Look for in a Printer

The list of things to look for in a printer is long and as varied as the people who buy print. But since buying and selling communication services is still all about relationships, the following are a few broad concepts to consider before getting down to product/equipment based specifics:

Why I Threw You Over

Hey, print sales rep. I’m sorry it had to end this way. I really am. Yes, your price was too high and you can blame me if you like. But do you want to know why you really got the boot?

7 Things I'd Like Print Reps to Know

I often wonder about the training that printing sales reps get—or if some get any training whatsoever. The advice the get likely includes things like “go around the gatekeeper,” “they only care about price,” “promise them anything,” and “do a lot of cold calling—it works.”