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The Week That Was
The Week That Was (3/30/2020)

On this episode of The Week that Was, we take a look at the paycheck protection program; Canon announced its new varioPRINT iX-series device; Quad announced strategic actions due to COVID-19; we reveal a COVID-19 Resource Channel; and we highlight just some of the printing companies and OEMs stepping up to provide resources to health care providers in need.

Paycheck Protection Program

The CARES Act contains the Paycheck Protection Program. The following answers questions regarding the scope of the program.

In Depth
Bradford & Bigelow's Rising Star Emily Kotecki

Emily Kotecki, marketing manager at Bradford & Bigelow, wants to drive the bigger picture strategy for printing. Part of that strategy is staying ahead of the trends, with the constant evolution of technology one of the things she loves most about print. “There is always innovation to take print a step further,” Kotecki says. “All I see is a world of growth and new opportunities.”

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