Selling Is Simple

Bill Gillespie has been in the printing business for 48 years and has been in sales and marketing since 1978. He was formerly the COO of National Color Graphics, an internationally recognized commercial printer and EVP of Brown Industries, an international POP company. Bill has enjoyed business relationships with flagship brands including, but not limited to, Apple, Microsoft, Coca Cola, American Express, Nike, MGM, Home Depot, and Berkshire Hathaway. He is an expert in printing sales, having written more than $100,000,000 in personal business during his career. Currently, Bill consults with printing companies, equipment manufacturers, and software firms. He can be reached by email ( or by phone (770-757-5464).

For business owners, it’s often easier to point the finger. Instead, ask yourself these questions to identify clear market targets.

Selling isn’t always about price; it’s about value. In his blog, Bill Gillespie shares a lesson on how salespeople can find balance.

By identifying what makes you happy and where you want to excel, you can pave the way for success. Here are some ways to get started.

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