Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson
Bill Farquharson is President of Aspire For, Sales Trainer for the Graphic Arts industry, author of The 25 Best Sales Tips Ever series and co-author of Who’s Making Money at Digital/Inkjet…and How? Both available on Email him at or call (781) 934-7036.  In addition to Bill’s Printing Impressions monthly columns and weekly blogs, he publishes a weekly Short Attention Span Sales Tips providing instantly-applicable ideas for sales growth and its challenges.

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The Plight of the Bottom-Feeder

Go ahead and give that “get me in the door” price if you must, but you are leaving money on the table if you don’t take this advice.

The Seasonal Sales Approach

Print sales are seasonal. No, they’re cyclical. Perhaps they’re both. It’s the subject of this week’s Sales Tip.

How to Sell Printing Like a Bostonian

Boston has a selling attitude that works, one that you need to learn and apply, and one that Bill talks about in this week’s blog.

Speakerphone Sales

In this, Bill’s first-ever Short Attention Span Sales Tip without Bill actually in it, he mails it in by using a speakerphone.

Unseating the Competition

Five words that shouldn’t surprise you: “We already have a vendor.” But, you have a solution! You have Bill’s blog this week!

Why Open Your House?

How can you get customers to call you with an opportunity? Step one, check out this week’s sales tip. Step Two, he’ll tell you what to.

When the Client Vanishes

You had a great first call. However, shortly after the call, the client disappears. Bill reveals a solution in this week’s sales tip.

Be Ready for This Sales Question

There’s a question whose answer can make or break a sale. To find out what it is, read Bill’s blog this week.

The Production Gremlin

What’s a sales rep to do when the gremlins take over and everything seems to be a problem order? Check out Bill’s suggestion.

Ignore This Tip at Your Own Peril

Today marks the first day of the three most important selling months of year. This week, Bill will tell you what to do about it.

How to Sell to Ad Agencies

Did you catch NAPCO’s Aug. 14, 2018 webinar? It was about selling digital printing to agencies and it was exceptional for two reasons.