Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson is the president of Aspire For and is a sales trainer for the graphics arts industry. Email him at or call (781) 934-7036. Farquharson is also the author of the book, “The 25 Best Sales Tips Ever!” which can be purchased on Amazon. For more information, go to

The Student of Sales

Any good sales rep will acknowledge that learning never stops, but few truly become a student of sales.

Why Aren’t You Selling More?

Your answers to why you aren’t selling more need to take into consideration the four keys to success are yours to control and improve.

Be Good. Be Great. Be Humble.

If statistics hold true, 70% of men and 59% of women will say they’re a better than average sales rep. This is why that’s a problem.

How to Get a Prospect to Trust You

Think selling print is hard? Try getting a stranger to feel confident enough with you that they give you a few moments of their time.

How to Go on a Sales Vacation

In this week’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip, you’ll find not making a strategy for your vacation more stressful than being at work!

When No One Answers the Phone

This week’s tip focuses on what salespeople need to do when call after call, after voice mail after voice mail, go unanswered.

One Quick Way to Improve Sales

A phone call from an 88-year-old reader from Florida named Milton prompted this week’s blog by Bill Farquharson.

Dear Sales Managers …

Guiding a salesperson to success is a combo of education, training, accountability and … one thing you can read about in Bill’s blog.

Are You an Investment-Worthy Sales Rep

What investment have you made in yourself? That’s the question Bill’s client asked as a precursor to the investment of sales training.

Cast of Sales Characters

What comes to mind when they think of a salesperson? You’re likely to hear “pushy” or “arrogant,” but a sales team requires balance.

A Great Use of Time This Week

Happy Fourth! If you haven’t yet started celebrating, Bill’s got some ideas for how to spend your time this week.