Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson is a sales trainer for the graphic arts. Email him at or call (781) 934-7036. Bill’s two books, The 25 Best Print Sales Tips Ever and Who’s Making Money at Digital/Inkjet Printing…and How? as well as information on his new subscription-based website, The Sales Vault are available at

The Upside of Assuming the Worst

Bill Farquharson and his wife narrowly escaped a head-on car crash. Find out how Bill turns this surreal moment into a sales blog!

New Month, New Year, New Business

With a new month and a new holiday and a new year coming up, let’s talk new business and the one component that makes it happen.

Your New Business Recipe

Need a recipe for sales after the holiday? Check out Bill’s online cookbook and his recipe for new business growth in this week’s blog.

Bill’s Thanksgiving Day Gift to You

Rather than sharing sales advice, this week’s Sales Tip offers a gift. Check out the blog for a digital copy of Bill’s book.

The Best Part of Losing an Account

When a big printing account leaves, it leaves a hole… But as Bill writes in this week’s blog, you can gain from this loss.

Prepare for Next Week, This Week

How do you make the most of selling time without the urgency? Bill Farquharson gives you ideas for next week’s increasingly quiet days.

Imposter Syndrome and Print Sales

Ever feel like you have no place in sales? Bill has two pieces of good news this week. First, it’s normal. Second, you can overcome it.

Fail Because or Succeed Despite

Two sales reps come up against a selling obstacle. Only one succeeds … the one who read Bill’s blog this week.

How to Become the Preferred Vendor

Do you want to leapfrog the other vendors vying for business? Listen to Bill’s sales tip for a great way to win customers.

When Sales Leadership Ends

The constant complaining from a sales force is endless. But, a sales manager must listen with equal parts sympathy and accountability.

Rethink Your Sales Calls

Bill’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip can help you perfect your sales call with each delivery.

A Proven Way to Lose a Print Sale

A sales presentation at a college campus went bad for Bill’s kids. He’ll use this blog to make some suggestions for you instead.

Beat Customers to Their Own Future

Bill discovered it’s possible to predict the future and then set up camp in preparation. Check out his Short Attention Span Sales Tip.