Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson is the president of Aspire For and is a sales trainer for the graphics arts industry. Email him at or call (781) 934-7036. Farquharson is also the author of the book, “The 25 Best Sales Tips Ever!” which can be purchased on Amazon. For more information, go to

An Unexpected Opportunity

When you hand someone a business card, do you get a “Wow!” Does it start a conversation? If not, you are missing out.

The Upside of Negative

Changing the outcome of a lost bid might be as simple as sharpening your pencil. But it could mean something else is in the way.

Sloppy Matters in Print Sales

Everyone makes mistakes, but sloppy people who are perennially late and inaccurate take it to a different level.

Sales Through the Rearview Mirror

Bad things happen. You heard it here first. Time passes. Another gem. Put those two pearls together and you’ve got Bill’s blog this wee

Your Four-Week Sales Plan

Today is a VERY special day and Bill offers a very special message in this week’s sales tip.

The Inauthentic Print Salesperson

“Just be yourself” is oddly obvious advice to give a young sales rep, but it’s important that the authentic self is presented.

Where Your Business Is Headed

A sales drought, one where the phone stopped ringing, is the source of anxiety and self-doubt. It can also be an opportunity.

When on Time Means Late

Have you ever delivered a perfect job in a reasonable amount of time and then lost the account because of it?

The Core of Time Management

You’ve just finished a great day. Every day can be great if you understand time management, as explained in Bill’s blog this week.

The No. 1 Trade Show Mistake

Do you have any clients taking part in a trade show this summer? Then you’ll want to check out Bill’s sales tip.