Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson is a respected industry expert and highly sought after speaker known for his energetic and entertaining presentations. Bill engages his audiences with wit and wisdom earned as a 40-year print sales veteran while teaching new ideas for solving classic sales challenges. Email him at or call (781) 934-7036. Bill’s two books, The 25 Best Print Sales Tips Ever and Who’s Making Money at Digital/Inkjet Printing…and How? as well as information on his new subscription-based website, The Sales Vault, are available at

Words of Affirmation

Affirmation is what’s needed for all sales reps from time to time. This week, Bill tells you exactly what to say to support your team.

Sales in Slow-Mo

Sometimes a complicated and expensive marketing campaign can’t do what a simple idea can.

Learning Mode

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, and this week is a unique time of year for salespeople. Here’s how you can sharpen the saw.

How to Get Anyone to Like You

In this week’s blog, Bill suggests a simple change that will make printing industry salespeople happy, wealthy, and popular.

Making Sales Waves

On a working vacation in South Carolina, Bill drew inspiration from Hurricane Nicole for this week’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip.

Email No-No’s: A Follow Up

Last week, Bill wrote a blog about email etiquette. This week, Bill furthers his examples of email buffoonery based on a real example.

How to Take the Weekend Off

You cannot effectively sell if your sales stress level is constantly at a high level. You need to learn how to take the weekend off.

Goal Sharing

Got a sales goal? Are you wary if you should share it? There is no right answer, but Bill’s sad tale of failure and can lend guidance.

A Nine-Week Sales Plan

There are nine weeks left in 2022. That is not a lot of time to sell, so take the Bill’s advice from this week’s Sales Tip.

Email No-No's

Offensive emails by sales reps aren’t meant to be offensive, but are often misinterpreted. Eliminate this possibility with one step.

The Amazon Standard

Amazon has redefined business fundamentals like ordering, shipping, and communication. That last one is what Bill focuses on this week.

The First Goal of Prospecting

What comes before the sale, and before the solution that leads to the sale? Find out in Bill Farquharson’s blog.

How to Sell in a Recession

It’s coming. The “R” word is everywhere and sales reps need to know how to sell in a recession.

Every Sales Rep’s Biggest Mistake

What is a sales rep’s biggest fault? One customer answered that question emphatically. Read Bill’s blog to see if you are at fault.