Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson
Bill Farquharson is President of Aspire For, Sales Trainer for the Graphic Arts industry, author of The 25 Best Sales Tips Ever series and co-author of Who’s Making Money at Digital/Inkjet…and How? Both available on Email him at or call (781) 934-7036.  In addition to Bill’s Printing Impressions monthly columns and weekly blogs, he publishes a weekly Short Attention Span Sales Tips providing instantly-applicable ideas for sales growth and its challenges.

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Two Questions for the Crazy Busy

That great month you are having is rare and exciting and stressful and profitable. It also has Bill asking you two questions.

Scoring Through Diligence

“How badly do you want it?” Do you want it a little? Then quit after a little effort. Do you want it a lot? Then never give up.

Your Sales Year in Chunks

Are you hoping to finish the year strong and come rocketing out of the gates Q1 of next year?

The Late, Late Meeting

Quick question: What time should an 8 a.m. meeting start? Does the answer matter?

A Gender-Neutral Sales Blog

These are confusing times for writers and bloggers. Having to consider punctuation is difficult enough, now there’s more consider.

My Fantastic Disaster

Bill’s first attempt at podcasting was successful only in that he learned the wrong way to create a podcast.

A Story Befitting the Day

Crank up the Keurig, brew a lousy cup of coffee and listen to Bill’s story with a surprise ending in this week’s sales tip.

How to Get Fired

Every sales manager and company president asks one question daily. Answer it for them and you’ll keep your sales job. So what is it?

5 Things to do After a Bad Week

When you haven’t accomplished a lot in week, make sure it is an isolated incident. Bill’s blog offers a protocol for corrective action.

The Unripe Customer

Would you peel a green banana? Then why deal with an unripe customer? Take Bill’s advice in this week’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip.