The Impressions Xchange podcast, as well as some other leading industry podcast series, discuss topics impacting the graphic imaging community and printing industry. These different series address in-depth news coverage, analysis, and timely interviews. Each episode features interviews and insights bridging the graphic arts industry segments.

On this episode of the Impressions Xchange podcast, NAPCO Media Senior Content Editor Dan Marx speaks with Kerrie Mallory-Thompson, marketing specialist at Mutoh, about being a caregiver and a full-time employee. Later in the episode, Ashley Roberts, managing editor at NAPCO Media, speaks with Adriane Harrison, VP of human relations consulting at PRINTING United Alliance, about what companies can do to better support their caregiver employees.

For those interested in speaking directly with  Adriane Harrison, she can be reached at:, or by calling PRINTING United Alliance offices at: 888-385-3588. If you are interested in learning more about support for programs mentioned in today’s podcast, PRINTING United Alliance has extensive resources and subject matter experts available to you. Visit to learn more.

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