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Printers who struggle to operate at full capacity would likely find it advantageous to partner with a print management firm. Such firms can act as a sales channel that funnels a steady pipeline of work optimized for your manufacturing platform.

If every family spent just $64 on an American-made product to give as a Christmas gift, more than 200,000 jobs would be saved here in the United States. How many of you will actually take the time to look on the package to see where the product was made?

It  would seem that if GPO is serious about channeling more federal printing to the private sector, its strategic plan would place more emphasis on redirecting the $800 million being done by agencies to independent printers.

The Borders Group (the second largest U.S. book chain) bankruptcy filing on Wednesday morning came as no surprise to book industry observers. Although some sources attribute Borders failure to the growth of e-book materials, there is more to the story.

The common thread I see among printers I’ve talked with that have continued to see growth and success in the industry—even through tough economic times—is smart investment and application of software in their businesses. Printers need to proactively make an effort to get a handle on understanding software technology and the impact it can make

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