The Sales Challenge

Bill Farquharson is President of Aspire For, sales trainer for the graphic arts industry, author of "The 25 Best Sales Tips Ever" series and co-author of "Who's Making Money at Digital/Inkjet…and How?" Both are available on Email him at or call (781) 934-7036.
In addition to Bill's Printing Impressions monthly columns and weekly blogs, he publishes a weekly Short Attention Span Sales Tips providing instantly-applicable ideas for sales growth and its challenges. For further information, visit

The coddling is over. No more nicey-nice sales blogs or sales tips, only a borderline rude command designed to get you going.

Your finger hovers over the “Send” key as you stop and ask, “Should I send this?” Here are two simple rules to follow.

In this blog, Bill recounts an extraordinary sales experience he had buying coffee and talks about how to identify the sales gene.

A job has gone wrong. There’s the easy thing and the right thing. This is precisely the thing Bill wants to blog about this week.

Sometimes, you might wish a company would repeat their attempt to get your attention. Bill’s blog this week explains why.

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