C. Clint Bolte

C. Clint Bolte
Need for Benchmarking the GPO Evident from Interquest Forum Keynote

In recapping his brief 11 months in office, Public Printer William Boarman cited a number of GPO accomplishments. One of which involved an emphasis on receiving payments from overdue chargebacks (accounts receivable). Some bills were literally seven years old.

Green Printing: Perception vs. Reality and the UV Edge

Printers can and should do a better job of informing their corporate client partners of how “green” their printing and packaging is. UV printing is considered to be among the highest print quality processes and is “greener” than it has ever been. It also opens up a new world of substrates, from plastics and foil to specialty grades and board.

MFSA/NAPL Conference — Survey Results Are Fulfilling

Results of the 2007 NAPL Fulfillment Practices Survey provided a valuable reflection of today’s Mailing and Fulfillment (M&F) market. Survey results suggest there are two views to the M&F story—one that reflects the efforts and actions of larger, more successful firms and another that provides a snapshot of the fulfillment industry as a whole. The practices and expectations of larger firms are a valuable reflection of this dynamic and evolving value-added service, both from the view of printers wanting to get into and improve their fulfillment offering, as well as the fulfillment buyers who want to compare their own service provider. Thumbnail summaries like

Mailing & Fulfillment Special Report — Mail Dynamics Equal Opportunities

RECENT U.S. Postal Service (USPS) announcements suggest trends that could be advantageous to corporate mailers seeking economies of scale via their full-service print/mailing providers. The increasing use of the Internet as a tool to reduce the mail distribution time, postal discounts to drive mail design that will run more efficiently through postal sorting equipment, the broader interest in Intelligent mail by corporate users, as well as more innovative partnerships with the larger scale mailers to save money and improve overall service, are four key mail trend topics. The enhanced use of the Internet by mailers and the USPS is a clear trend in two specific