Nicole Perry

Nicole Perry
Modern Litho: Key to 80-Year Growth Spurt Is Helping Customers Grow

Modern Litho was over capacity in terms of its ability to output more jobs. “And when I say ‘over capacity,’ I mean, we were running 24/7 and still had to turn down work that fit us,” recalls Greg Meeker, co-owner and VP of sales and marketing at the Jefferson City, Mo.-based printer. Through it all, its employees stepped up and answered the call the best they could.

2017 Springs to Life with Pantone's Pick for Color of the Year

It's the color of kiwis, the pigment of palm trees, the tint of matcha tea. It evokes the first days of spring, symbolic of new beginnings. Pantone's pick for the 2017 Color of the year is PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery. Greenery follows a blending of two shades in 2016 — Serenity and Rose Quartz — chosen for their warmth and tranquility to represent blurred gender lines.

Fenske Media Helps Clients To ‘Design for Disruption’

he Lakota Sioux consider the Black Hills of South Dakota a sacred area. From a distance, the landscape appears black, due to a thick growth of pine trees; and on a fall day, maple trees speckle the hills with gold. Mother Nature certainly succeeded with this design. The Black Hills provided a dramatic backdrop to the Design Thinking Summit, which was hosted at Fenske Media