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Earlier this year, InfoTrends and NAPCO—the publisher of Printing Impressions—developed a cooperative survey asking professional wide-format print shops a series of questions about their operational and financial performance to establish some industry benchmarks for some key metrics for the wide-format market. The important thing to remember about the following metrics is that they come from about 60 print shops from around the United States; and many have offset and digital, as well as narrow and wide-format, printing capabilities.

A UC survey finds the majority of Americans support a Do Not Mail (DNM) initiative. The authors state: "Given the importance of advertising mail as an industry, and of the USPS to United States economic, security, and social interests, our findings could serve as a wake-up call to markets, the USPS, and regulators to more fully explore citizens’ rejection of direct advertising mail and find ways to address their concerns while preserving the fundamental service provided by the USPS."

With the December issue of Printing Impressions set to mail next week, download this first page of the 2011 PI 400 ranking of  leading printing companies in the United States and Canada to get a peek at what’s to come.

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