New Opportunities Through Integration of Print and Digital Media

Drupa 2012 is set to run May 3-16, 2012, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Bernhard Schreier.

That is another reason why packaging print will see the largest worldwide growth potential of almost 17 percent by 2014. It’s a similar picture for print shops in the Western industrial nations; this is because with the increasing range of products and greater competitive pressure at the point-of-sale, packaging conveying a brand image and marketing messages is continuing to increase in importance here as well.

Q—Other sectors are seeing a drop in turnover, though. Ultimately, digital media is taking away budget and market share from traditional print products forever.

Schreier—It is true that the situation in largely saturated markets is disportionately tougher than in emerging countries or China. The latest smartphones and social mediSchreier—such as Twitter, Facebook or Google+—are currently experiencing an astonishing upturn because they are opening up entirely new opportunities for communication and interaction. They bring people together online who want to share their everyday life or digital media such as videos or music with one another.

Print used to play only a subordinate role here, because printed media was virtually never used in this world of digital sharing. But this is precisely what is changing at the moment. It’s also true to say that at present there are increasing numbers of publishers and media houses, Web agencies and designers implementing very successful print-to-Web projects. This is possible because with applications from the fields of augmented reality and smart tagging there are now bridging technologies that can be used to seamlessly combine the benefits of print and those of mobile and social media.

What we are currently experiencing is not, therefore, a process of one thing replacing another, and certainly not a showdown between the Gutenberg world and the online universe. Instead we are at the beginning of a sweeping and exciting integration process that is opening up new perspectives and opportunities.

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