K&H–Banking on It

InterWest Bank rebrands successfully utilizing personalized digital printing technology from Xeikon press user.

With a flood of marketing and promotional material clogging mailboxes daily, communicating with customers through the post office can be a challenge. Banks and corporations are increasingly using full color, fully personalized documents to battle this mail glut, and enhance their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs. These documents, produced using digital color presses, are increasing return on investment and enhancing the service value perceived by the customer.

InterWest Bank, headquartered in Seattle, has launched a major rebranding campaign utilizing this tactic. InterWest has grown rapidly and acquired five other banks recently. The bank is building relationships with these new customers by providing them with detailed information on changes to their current accounts. “The objective of this campaign is to build trust with new customers for InterWest products and services,” says Susan Sandberg, advertising and direct response manager at InterWest. “We needed a way to communicate these changes to a large number of customers in a very personal way.”

InterWest found a solution through K&H Integrated Print Solutions in Everett, WA. Using high-speed Xeikon digital color presses and InterWest’s database, K&H produced fully personalized color booklets that outline changes in individual customer accounts, terms and fees, and disclosure information required by law. The InterWest booklets also incorporate full-color photography and graphics—setting them apart from typical “statements.”

Digital Printing Solution
“With digital color printing we can take a complex array of data and translate it into a readable, attractive document,” says Jay Ackley, executive vice president and general manager of K&H. “The document is then delivered to someone’s home in a form they can read comfortably at the breakfast table. That’s building brand trust because it’s user-friendly and very personal.”

K&H prints these eight- to 12-page booklets on a high-speed Xeikon digital color press. “Our Xeikon DCP/50D digital color press produces offset-quality at very high speeds: 6,000 full color pages per hour,” says Ackley. “The digital process is also completely flexible, allowing for variable information printing from complex databases. It’s the ideal solution for applications like the InterWest booklet because we’re able to use data beyond name, address and ZIP code.”

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