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BY SCOTT POLK The book printing industry had one of its finest years in 2000, and not just because of the wild success of the Harry Potter series. Of course, the bespectacled British lad had a little to do with the success, but it was the elementary through high school (el-hi) textbook market that led the way. Top 10 Book Printers CompanySegmentSales(millions)Total Sales(millions) 1R.R. Donnelley & SonsChicago$800$5,000 2Quebecor WorldMontreal$784$6,540 3Jostens Inc. Minneapolis$665$782 4Von Hoffmann Corp. Saint Louis$400$400 5Banta Corp. Menasha, WI$279$1,270 6Bertelsmann ArvatoBerryville, VA$191$285 7Courier Corp. N. Chelmsford, MA$188$188 8Phoenix ColorHagerstown, MD$160$160(E) 9Taylor PublishingDallas$104$104 10WebcraftersMadison, WI$86$86 Peter Tobin, vice president of North Chelmsford, MA-based Courier

BY CAROLINE MILLER It's been a very good year. The prophecies that the Internet would eventually kill off print appears not to be coming to fruition, just yet. In fact, if 2000 is any indication, the Internet appears to have emerged as a most positive development for the catalog industry. Top 10 Catalog Printers CompanySegmentSales(millions)Total Sales(millions) 1R.R. Donnelley & SonsChicago$1,350$5,000 2Quebecor WorldMontreal$1,111$6,540 3 Quad/GraphicsPewaukee, WI$705$1,500 4 Banta Corp.Menasha, WI$215$1,270 5 Arandell Corp.Menomonee Falls, WI$181$197 6 Perry Judd's Inc.Waterloo, WI$96$320 7 Spencer PressWells, ME$88$98 8 Avanti/Case-HoytMiami$77$155 9 Consolidated GraphicsHouston$62$625 10 Brown PrintingWaseca, MN$60$376 According to PIA's Vision 21 study, "As recently as the late 1990s, conventional

BY ERIK CAGLE Total direct marketing sales in the United States will clear the $2 trillion mark in five years, with nearly $765 billion estimated for business-to-business sales in the year 2000, according to findings made by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Thus, on the whole, the industry appears to be in good shape. That statement is not entirely accurate, though. Even with a double-digit compound annual growth rate, there are key issues that will influence the market, particularly business-to-business considerations for those who profit from the manufacture of direct mail. Top 10 Direct Mail Printers CompanySegmentSales(millions)Total Sales(millions)1Quebecor World*Montreal$554.00$6,160.002Banta Corp.Menasha, WI$254.00$1,340.003R.R. Donnelley & SonsChicago$250.00$5,000.00 4Mail-WellEnglewood,

BY ERIK CAGLE School's in session and book printers large and small couldn't be happier. The year 1998 will be remembered for a number of things in the book printing industry, such as the consolidation in both the publishing and manufacturing realms. Despite this M&A activity, the elementary/high school market, along with college level and juvenile books, propelled the industry. Even the trade market, with best sellers and Oprah Winfrey touting its virtues, couldn't steal the el-hi/college thunder. Top 10 Book Printers CompanySegmentSales(millions)Total Sales(millions)1R.R. Donnelley & SonsChicago$776.00$4,850.002Quebecor PrintingMontreal$522.00$3,480.00 3Banta Corp. Menasha, WI$240.00$1,200.004World Color PressGreenwich, CT$220.00$2,000.005Bertelsmann Industries U.S. Berryville, VA$163.30$230.00 6Golden Books PublishingSturtevant, WI$160.00$200.007Courier Corp.North Chelmsford,

BY ERIK CAGLE Even as they seem to be up to their M-3000s with jobs, catalog printers can't seem to get enough work. They're as busy as ever, yet a hunger for new applications can't be satiated. Take R.R. Donnelley & Sons, of Chicago, North America's largest commercial printer. Donnelley amassed more than $1.3 billion in catalog printing sales, yet it is developing new market niches with Select Source, which integrates catalog merchandise into specialized Internet sites. Catalogers are matched with subject-specific editorial on high-traffic Web sites. Top 10 Catalog Printers CompanySegmentSales(millions)Total Sales(millions) 1R.R. Donnelley & SonsChicago$1,309.50$4,850.00 2Quad/GraphicsPewaukee, WI$561.20$1,220.00 3Quebecor PrintingMontreal $487.20$3,480.00 4World Color PressGreenwich,

Though caution is key in what will most likely be a light ad market for certain portions of the publications segment, the powerful micro-publishing push and a moderate softening of paper prices should make 1999 one very vibrant year. BY MARIE RANOIA ALONSO Get out the sunglasses—the publications segment is glowing. Sure, the consolidation of titles and, in many cases, the shutdown of titles have impacted players in the publications printing market. But overall the continued strength of special-interest and trade titles, coupled with moderate paper pricing, is allowing the publications segment to virtually beam. Top 10 Publication Printers CompanySegmentSales(millions)Total Sales(millions)1R.R. Donnelley & SonsChicago$1,261.00$4,850.002Quebecor PrintingMontrea$1,009.20$3,480.003World

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