Automation has been a central theme of efforts to keep the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) viable and to make it more competitive. The printing industry has a vested interest in the success of such efforts, but also must contend with some negative consequences. According to a PIA/GATF estimate from Ronnie H. Davis, Ph.D, chief economist, about 45 percent of the dollar volume of printing in the United States ends up being mailed. That figure represents materials entering the mail stream directly from the printer and indirectly via a mail house or the print buyer. In dollar terms, this amounts to some $70 billion in

The establishment of a new security printing organization was announced recently. The North American Security Printing Organization (NASPO) was created by a group of printing industry professionals whose focus is to classify and certify security printers and suppliers to ensure the continued integrity of security printed products. The NASPO board of directors includes: Michael O'Neil, chairman; Richard Warner, vice president of operations; David Lightfoot, vice president of organizational development and legal services; Kenneth Overstreet, chairman, executive committee; and Graham Whitehead, Ph.D, senior advisor. Nancy Shafranski-Campobello has been hired by the Printing Industries of America and the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation as its new marketing director.

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