If you think your direct mail campaign was successful, wait until you hear these stories. For example, we've got a campaign that propelled response rate increases of 35% and 60% above long-time control packages. Are you really doing everything you can to maximize the impact of your direct mail?

In this free webinar, attendees will hear firsthand from the direct mail copywriter and analyst who created the featured campaigns -- Gary Hennerberg -- and walk away with ideas for how to use direct mail campaigns to break through the noise and generate more sales.

Using these three blockbuster examples, you'll learn:
- A proven seven-step process for stronger copy and messaging, including why a solid USP is important to repositioning your product.
- The simple detail that can increase direct mail open rates by 60% -- and the possibility of sales increases by 60%.
- How to collaborate with printers and mail operators to drive higher open and response rates with direct mail that's engaging and personalized.

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If bottlenecks are impeding your in-plant's productivity, automation may be the solution. This webinar will explain how automation can streamline the work flowing through your shop, reducing the number of times staff has to touch it, and improving your throughput and profitability. 

Automation will reduce setup times, eliminate bottlenecks, and free up staff for other important tasks. By becoming a more dependable resource for your organization, automation will improve your value and ensure your success.

Participants will learn:
- How automation can remove bottlenecks that are impacting productivity
- How in-plants are using automation and the results they are seeing
- The next steps you can take to automate your operation

Sponsored by Canon

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Couldn't make it on September 11th?  No problem! Printing Impressions and In-Plant Graphics webinars are archived for 90 days after the live event. Click above to register and get access to this webinar, both live and on- demand.

Are you leveraging smart software to eliminate touches, reduce waste and streamline your workflow? Your business can greatly improve throughput and profitability by implementing improved workflow management and automation. This webinar will walk you through the Theory of Global Optimization (TGO), a highly regarded method of managing print manufacturing and business processes that maximizes company profits.

Participants will learn:
- How to increase the profitability of virtually every job that enters your plant.
- How to move beyond Lean Manufacturing and leverage TGO to improve throughput.
- How to remove the constraints and weak links that control your productivity, on-time delivery and costs.
- Whether the "myths" of printing are negatively impacting your business.

Sponsored by EFI

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