Lynn Hamilton

ONCE FORCES to be reckoned with, countless printing companies have gone out of business by under-pricing unprofitable work. In these harsh economic times, it is more tempting than ever for print suppliers to drop prices and lowball the cost of print projects. But printers that do this inevitably end up shooting themselves in the foot. The words of Paul Nathan of the Lotus Press ring as clearly today as they did when he published “How to Make Money in the Printing Business in 1900.”

The R word is just about on everyone’s lips these days. In April, I spoke at the NPES Print Outlook 08 conference, which was attended by the top printing manufacturers in the industry. Not only did all of the analysts concur that we were either in a recession or one was imminent, but just about every session revolved around the issue. Is this being over-talked? Is all the discussion about a recession actually making one happen? Will it prove to be a self-fulfilling prophesy?

While I don’t negate the work of the experts, let’s gage the concerns

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