By Caroline Miller For Wayne Angstrom, nothing in life is accomplished on one's own; every achievement is a team effort. It's a philosophy that the CEO and president of the U.S. division of St Ives first learned as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps—a belief that continues to profoundly impact his life. "Marines always say, 'once a Marine, always a Marine'," states Angstrom. "I think back often on something that a company gunnery sergeant once said to me. 'The mind quits long before the body.' I have reshaped that to: we need to be careful that a particular situation does not overpower us and shut

By Caroline Miller When you first meet Doug Mann, the first thing you notice is his positive attitude. Mann, president of Gannett Offset/Minneapolis, just exudes enthusiasm. Frankly, he's got a lot to be happy about: In the past two years, Gannett Offset/Minneapolis has witnessed a dramatic turnaround. Since Mann took over, the company has gone from $34 million in sales to more than $60 million. It's the kind of story that few printing operations are able to tell these days. Aside from serving as a satellite printer for USA Today, the plant was recognized recently with the Gannett Offset Commercial Print Site of the

by Caroline Miller There is a simple, yet elegant, black brochure that greets every potential Graphic Arts Center (GAC) customer. On the cover it proudly proclaims, "Better Living Through Printing." It's a concept that packs a powerful punch for this $85 million company based in Portland, OR. GAC believes that it can improve the lives of its customers through a winning combination of superior equipment, employee know-how, cutting-edge technology, impressive service, delivery and value. It's proven to be the company's key to success. GAC plans to celebrate its centennial later this year. Over the past 100 years the firm's attention to detail has

By Caroline Miller In the era of earlier job deadlines, shorter runs, increased quality and more complex jobs, efficient postpress operations are imperative to a profitable printing business. All of the efficiencies and savings from state-of-the-art prepress and pressroom capabilities are lost if the finishing department is languishing in neglect. Upgrading your floor-model folding machine is just one area of the bindery that can offer significant benefits. By investing in a new folding machine a company benefits from new technology, ensuring much quicker job turnarounds, substantially reduced paper waste, the elimination of the need for high-priced, hard-to-find setup people, as well as a more

By Caroline Miller When it comes to saddle stitching, every printer or trade finisher has a different set of needs. Some are looking for increased speed; for others, it is ease of operation or fast make-ready capabilities. And there are those in need of a stitcher that can integrate easily into a larger in-line system. Vendors of production saddle stitchers are responding to all of those needs thanks to a new generation of technology. "We've just seen a quantum leap in technology," says Chris Azbill, vice president at United Litho, a short-run publication printer that recently installed a Muller Martini Tempo saddle stitcher. When

By Caroline Miller It has been a tough year for the financial printing industry. The economy was already shaky when the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks hit the World Trade Towers—America's financial epicenter. Investment banking, securities law and financial services are in shambles. Even so, most hoped to see that much needed and much talked about recovery in 2002. But, instead, the year has been mired in corporate accounting scandals, a never-ending bear market, the threat of war and the virtual standstill for M&A deals and IPOs. As a result, financial printers have had to reduce their work forces, streamline their operations and look

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