Through the Eyes of a Designer

Marina Poropat Joyce has been marketing, graphic designing, publishing and printing her whole life. She fell in love with design and printing early on, and she founded one of the first design-to-print companies in Los Angeles. Her company, INTAGLIO, was ranked as one of the 50 fastest growing print companies in the country, a winner of Inc. Magazine’s Inner City 100 and one of Los Angeles’ top 100 women-owned companies. Joyce has also served on the board of the Printing Industries Association of Southern California (PIASC) as a board member and chairman.

Joyce also wrote the book, titled, “Designing for Print” to explain printing in graphic designer-speak and launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the printing of her book. Click here to visit Joyce’s book page.

In this blog post, a designer asks a printer for advice on which paper would be better for a project and budget. The printer responds with the following advice...

Designers are visual people and the best way to teach a visual person is to show them. What follows are 10 ways you can use your smartphone to reach out to your designer clients, add value to your company website and make life easier for yourself.

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