Stephen Beals is a veteran prepress manager with some 30 years of experience in the commercial print business. He has written hundreds of articles for dozens of publications and owns the website “Printoolz” for software for print and multimedia production. Stephen also founded his own murder mystery dinner theatre troupe and is a Presbyterian pastor.

People have said many things about the iPad. It has been called everything from “revolutionary” to “overblown.” It is both. It is most certainly a unique addition to the myriad choices we now have for exchanging digital information, and it has been so well received that it has already made a huge impact on the publishing market.

Once again, BP has been caught in a crisis of its own making. The revelation that it used Photoshop to alter images of the Command Center monitoring the Gulf oil spill crisis does not lend strength to the petroleum behemoth’s credibility.

A recent post on Facebook got me thinking about the practicality of eReaders vs. printed paper books. Both publishing mediums have their place.

I got my iPad because I won it in a contest sponsored by Agency Creative in Addison, TX, north of Dallas. That is not to say I did not want an iPad; I certainly did. But I would probably have waited for the second generation version.

Print providers are learning to do what only they can do. They are leveraging their finishing capabilities to produce products only they can produce.

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