Erik Cagle

Erik Cagle
U.S. Postal Service Employees Nabbed for Stealing Drugs

Aramis Brown and Zaphronsia Wheeler of Chicago—employees in the airport's International Service Center—stole from at least 16 packages during seven thefts, the newspaper reported, citing a statement from the U.S. attorney's office. They were arrested Wednesday morning and confessed to the crimes.

Xerox Goes Undercover, Busts Consumables Thefts

Xerox relied on a number of resources to take down consumables thieves, including chain security controls, audits of ordering and consumption, Web and marketplace monitoring, and fraud mitigation programs. The company keeps a watchful eye on the ordering and distribution of supplies to stave off leakage to the black market.

Merger? Alliance? Agreement? 21st Century Coupling

Well, as the M&A environment continues to evolve, companies are now hammering out strategic alliances that may or may not involve the exchange of rings or changing of one's maiden brand. And it seems that more deals are turning into work-share programs—split the work, share in the expenses. Competitors with benefits.

Kirkwood Printing: A Decade of Determination

Stop us if you’ve heard this three Quebecor World sales guys are driving around during their lunch hour one day, circa 2003, and stumble upon a commercial printing business they knew well: a company with an outstanding reputation, a firm that represented a golden opportunity for the trio to strike out on their own and start anew.

Mastering Fulfillment: Software Integration Is Key

The word for today is integration. It comes into play quite frequently in the world of printing when dealing with people, machines, software and processes. Any kink in the network is keenly felt throughout a workflow, whether it’s on paper, in a spreadsheet or on the production room floor.

Sheetfed/Digital Crossover Points: Old Rules No Longer Apply

There is now but one major crossover point that is a slam-dunk determining factor in a printing environment now devoid of most time-tested rules. Variabe data. Will content be swapped out? Yes? Well, there you go. Crank up the digital device.

O’Neil Printing Is Hitting the Road, Literally, to Raise Money for Children’s Cause

Tony Narducci, president of O'Neil Printing, will be joining Brian MacDonald (Wonderkind Studios), Ryan Connary (Timberland) and Justin Ahrens (Rule29 Creative) for a 450-mile bike ride down the California coast, covering Santa Rosa to San Luis Obispo. The trip is designed as a fundraiser to generate $40 per mile that will go toward providing clean water and sanitation for a children's school in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Access Direct Systems is Leading a Long Island Inkjet Revolution

It has been an interesting 16 months for Access Direct Systems, a company that has traditionally made conservative, measured decisions in mapping out its game plan. But its desire to remain a flexible, focused partner for its mailing clients is what led it to make an unprecedented, production inkjet-related initiative.

GCSF Seeks to Boost Scholars

The Graphic Communications Scholarship Foundation (GCSF), with its all-volunteer board of officers and trustees, has been assisting Metro New York and New Jersey students since 2002, doling out between $40,000 and (in recent years) $60,000 annually in scholarships to needs-based candidates who have scored highest in the GCSF annual application judging, which includes evaluation of student academic grades/scores, essays, letters of recommendation and graphic portfolios.

Let’s Meet the New USPS Postmaster General Megan Brennan

As you might expect, life has become a bit hectic for Megan Brennan, the postmaster general for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). In November, the lifelong USPS employee was named the first female to hold that position, a fact that would certainly have made Ben Franklin himself smile (though Ben would’ve probably wondered aloud why it took so long for a female to be named).

USPS Discount Promotions: Mobile Means Money

The Postal Service has provided a sneak peek at its 2015 promotion calendar, and there are a number of interactive technology-based specials that can be had for mailers that employ QR codes, Augmented Reality (AR), image recognition and other forms of mobile engagement in their mailing campaigns.

Zen and the Art of Printing in Provo, UT

J.D. Gardner’s journey into the printing industry came courtesy of vertical integration. While describing his ZenPrint business as merely a printing operation is extremely limiting, there is a lot to like about the owner of this Provo, UT-based firm. He’s willing to work with clients on a number of levels, even if the relationship doesn’t entail cranking up his digital presses.

Cimpress (Parent of Vistaprint ) Is Building a Global Mass-Customization Platform

There are any number of narratives that can illustrate the beauty and genius of what Robert Keane hath wrought. But the founder of Cimpress, the parent organization behind Vistaprint—a realized vision that for the last 20 years has provided Do It Yourself marketing materials to the micro business community—managed to encompass everything the Dutch-based global firm stands for in a span of less than three minutes.

Unlocking the Web-to-Print Potential for Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

There’s an important question you need to ask yourself. How do you Web to print? Yes, there are a number of ways to embrace Web-to-print (W2P) workflows. You can house marketing, sales collateral or branded items on a site that can be used and personalized by a corporate client with offices in multiple locations. But as you ponder the W2P talking points—the importance of data security and using that relationship to latch on to a customer until the apocalypse—and what the offering can do for your clients, take a step back and ask yourself the following question.