Erik Cagle

Erik Cagle
Standard Register Sues Former Employees for 'Stealing Clients, Trade Secrets'

Standard Register filed suit in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, accusing former Standard Register sales employees Craig Stockmal and Lynn Smith of breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets, among other charges. Standard Register maintains the loss of key customers could jeopardize its sale to Taylor Corp., and that the actions of Stockmal and Smith will cause "irreparable harm."

Private Equity, Favorable Economy Have Keyed Interest in Printing Industry M&As

Chances are, you haven’t been acquainted with Martin Stein. But his name may soon become synonymous with printing industry mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and others will undoubtedly follow. Stein is the founder and managing director of Blackford Capital, a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based private investment firm that acquires, manages and grows middle-marketing manufacturing, distribution and service companies.

How Printers are Handling the Finishing of Digitally Outputted Printing

At the beginning of the digital printing era, there were legitimate concerns about certain types of finishing equipment not being tailored to this type of work. Vendors replied in kind but, printers being printers, found new applications that complicated matters even further. We’ve rounded up a group of well-known printers—practically celebrities in their field—to offer the whats and whys behind their approach to binding and finishing.

Creditors Work Out Deal With Standard Register, Drop Suit

The settlement, filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court last Friday, sees the official committee of unsecured creditors dropping any and all claims against Standard Register and stakeholder Silver Point Capital. The $5 million will be taken from a fund that would have gone toward second-lien lenders at the conclusion of Standard Register's Chapter 11 settlement.

With Impending Sale to Taylor Corp., Joseph Morgan Resigns as CEO of Standard Register

Joseph Morgan, president and CEO of Standard Register, notified the company's board of directors that he was resigning effective June 26. Morgan told Standard Register's board of directors that he was taking an executive position with another, unnamed, firm, but will assist in the transition process beyond his departure date.

Software Integration Is Key to Mastering Fulfillment and Warehousing

The word for today is integration. It comes into play quite frequently in the world of printing when dealing with people, machines, software and processes. Any kink in the network is keenly felt throughout a workflow, whether it’s on paper, in a spreadsheet or on the production room floor.

Taylor Corp. Snaps Up Standard Register for $307 Million; Adds NEPS

A bankruptcy court judge has approved Taylor Corp.'s $307 million-plus bid for Dayton, Ohio-based Standard Register. In a separate deal, Taylor Corp. also picked up the assets of Salem, New Hampshire-based NEPS LLC, which services the insurance, finance, health care and automotive spaces.

Taylor Corp. Founder Glen Taylor Enters Bid for Standard Register in Bankruptcy Sale

Billionaire Glen Taylor, who founded commercial printer Taylor Corp. and is the owner of the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves and the Minneapolis Star Tribune, had legal representation in Monday's bankruptcy sale of Standard Register (the company's assets were auctioned, as well). The winning bidder will be announced by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on Wednesday.

Legendary Headline Writer Passes Away

Vincent Musetto, who died Tuesday at the age of 74, was a retired editor at The New York Post. It was one headline in particular that he wrote for the April 15, 1983, edition of the paper that is widely praised as the most prolific in the annals of journalism: "Headless Body In Topless Bar."

U.S. Postal Service Letter Carrier Tosses Back Beer, Throws Out 20,000 Pieces of Mail

David Thompson, 54, pleaded guilty to a federal charge of stealing mail, according to the Kansas City Star. Thompson didn't steal the mail per se, but perhaps there wasn't room in his mailbag for both the mail and the five to eight beers he was consuming daily. An investigation revealed Thompson was keeping the beer in his bags and throwing the mail away in a trash container behind a local Elks Lodge.

Bringing a Spark to Printing

Lance Luka, the owner of Chicago-area printing company startup Ignite Graphics, isn’t all that different from Lance Luka the hockey player, who once roomed with future NHL great Doug Weight and knocked heads with heralded No. 1 draft pick Eric Lindros. He has high energy, passion and is naturally programmed to perform in the best interest of the team, which in this case is Ignite Graphics of Elmhurst, Illinois. Even the name itself connotes a fiery approach to business.

Ripon Printers Will Miss Deba

Longtime Ripon Printers employee Deba Horn-Prochno is retiring after 40 years. Though we never met in person, we communicated exclusively by email. Most of the time, we would write about the Packers, Brett Favre, the Brewers or family. I came to see her as a real friend. Although she was hundreds of miles away in Wisconsin, I feel as if I’ve known her all my life. And I’m better for all the laughs she brought to my day. Thanks Deba!

U.S. Postal Service Employees Nabbed for Stealing Drugs

Aramis Brown and Zaphronsia Wheeler of Chicago—employees in the airport's International Service Center—stole from at least 16 packages during seven thefts, the newspaper reported, citing a statement from the U.S. attorney's office. They were arrested Wednesday morning and confessed to the crimes.

Xerox Goes Undercover, Busts Consumables Thefts

Xerox relied on a number of resources to take down consumables thieves, including chain security controls, audits of ordering and consumption, Web and marketplace monitoring, and fraud mitigation programs. The company keeps a watchful eye on the ordering and distribution of supplies to stave off leakage to the black market.

Merger? Alliance? Agreement? 21st Century Coupling

Well, as the M&A environment continues to evolve, companies are now hammering out strategic alliances that may or may not involve the exchange of rings or changing of one's maiden brand. And it seems that more deals are turning into work-share programs—split the work, share in the expenses. Competitors with benefits.