Day 3, Offset and Beyond Conference Highlights: The Cutting Edge of Technology. During the final morning session, Dr. Mark Bohan, vice president, technology and research, Printing Industries of America, provided a review of how InterTech™ Technology Awards have a proven track record for identifying innovations that succeed in practical application.

BY ERIK CAGLE Chris Scarano took a quick drag from his cigarette, cased the warehouse and shook his head with just a hint of disgust. It was unusually quiet for a Tuesday morning at American Bindery Depot in Edison, NJ, not at all indicative of the activity that buzzes through the plant on a daily basis. Scarano wanted to show his crew in action at full throttle to a group of visitors, but a large order had yet to arrive, so the pace was more subdued. Still, Scarano didn't like the timing. "It's hardly ever like this," Scarano confides, bursting out a

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