Brad Lena is a staff consultant at PIA/GATF where he specializes in the digital printing market, particularly the sale, development, and production of variable data marketing campaigns. As a consultant he positions printers for success by helping them align their investments in digital presses, software, and people with their business environment. Lena shares his hard-earned lessons with clients and helps them adjust their business and production approach to tap into this high-profit area.

ANAHEIM, CA—PODi, the Digital Printing Initiative, billed its 5th annual Application Forum as the “Hottest Ticket in Town,” a play on its conference location south of Hollywood and directly across the street from Disneyland in the Anaheim Hilton. Held this week, the event featured a day of pre-conference intensive sessions and two days of seminars for some 380 attendees looking for the ticket to digital printing success. A vendor fair also showcased 36 sponsoring companies. Pricing strategies, how to calculate an ROI for a customer, and solution selling were among the hot topics. Many of the attendees were veteran digital printers who already output variable

PODi Forum To Explore Success Variables ANAHEIM, CA—Strategies for success in variable data marketing and case studies of companies that have put them into practice will be featured at the 2007 Application Forum organized by PODi, the Digital Printing Initiative. The event, scheduled to be held February 12-14 at the Hilton Anaheim, will feature several head-liners. With an analysis of the state of the industry as a lead-in, PODi President Rab Govil will explore key differences between a solution and a product. Attendees will learn how to choose which variable data marketing solution to offer and how to build it, along with gaining insights into the

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