Mike Fleury

BY MARK SMITH For more than two decades, the conversion of printing to digital processes has seemed to keep the industry in a constant state of change. At the same time, though, the diversity in print processes, providers and customers means technologies get adopted at different rates across the spectrum of users. This staggered adoption cycle keeps the industry revisiting the same issues for a time, as each wave of new buyers comes along. Earlier adopters, meanwhile, can be left with a feeling of been there, done that—having bought a now-obsolete piece of equipment, in some cases. Digital color proofing is a

Riding high on its belief of embracing technological innovation, The Hennegan Company, a four-generation heatset web and sheetfed commercial printer founded in 1886, meets modern-day quality demands by leaping into thermal CTP and cutting-edge digital proofing. BY MARIE RANOIA ALONSO Sixty minutes. That may not sound like much time, but when those 60 minutes are spent, in seclusion, dissecting a select grouping of printed samples produced at the century old Florence, KY-based Hennegan Company, now in its fourth generation, each minute amounts to time very well spent. It only takes one hour of concentrated scrutiny to detect the meticulous care that must

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