Jon Otto

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2011 InterACT! Virtual Conference & Expo.

With so many channels potentially in play, marketers often feel overwhelmed and unsure about which ones to put into the mix and then how exactly to integrate for a successful campaign. This lightening-fast roundtable will present 45 ideas for integrated campaigns that can boost your future campaigns.

Along the way, many of your pressing questions will be answered: What media works best together? When does some of the old (direct mail, telemarketing) sync perfectly with the new (mobile, social)? When is the 'kitchen sink' method appropriate vs. only a double-barrelled approach? How can your company get the most of the new integrated technologies? Where does video fit? Can social be monetized? And more!

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Visions, Inc. of Plymouth, Minn. has announced the acquisition of Printing Arts, Inc. of Brooklyn Park, MN, and Affinity Marketing of Edina, MN, making Visions, Inc. one of the largest Native American-owned marketing services companies in the United States. The new company will market itself as Visions.

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