Dave Moreland

Manugraph DGM, Inc. (MDGM) introduces the new HiLine Express, a 45,000 impressions per hour single-wide press with a maximum web width of 36 inches (914mm), built for both the newspaper and commercial publication printers.

Manugraph DGM, Inc. (MDGM) announces it will now offer agency agreements for the resale of printing presses and related plant equipment. In the recent wave of plant closures and plant mergers, MDGM will now offer turnkey solutions to both the commercial and newspaper printing industries for the resale, removal, reconfiguration, reconditioning, and reinstallation of used printing equipment.

BY MARK SMITH It's the nature of the business for newspaper editorial departments to move from one crisis to the next. Unfortunately, market factors in recent years have forced their back offices to regularly function in crisis management mode, as well. Declining readership, drops in advertising revenues, the Internet threat (or opportunity), industry consolidation, volatility in newsprint prices, and more have made it a challenging business environment. The one bright spot has been the ability to maintain healthy profit margins. These business pressures have translated into an ever-greater need for flexibility on the production side. Newspaper plants can provide a competitive edge by

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