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Toni McQuilken is the senior editor for the printing and packaging group.

COVID-19 has reshaped how brands communicate with consumers in profound ways, and inkjet is, in many ways, perfectly positioned to be the technology that helps them reconnect in very personal, meaningful ways, especially when it comes to direct mail.

Today direct mail remains one of the most cost-effective communication tools available for customer engagement and acquisition.   It continues to deliver the highest open and response rates over any other channel.   Marketing service providers and service bureaus need to continuously look for innovative ideas and new ways to help their clients achieve even stronger results through better targeting and timing; while maintaining a healthy bottom line for themselves.

Learn from industry leaders about their proven techniques that can help mailers create more engaging, personalized communications to improve response, as they lower per piece cost.

This complimentary webinar covers topics including:
- How to deliver higher impact at lower cost
- More engaging, personalized communications
- Using technology to increase efficiency
- Innovations in printing

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