Bryan Yeager

PHILADLEPHIA—Printing Impressions magazine will present a free Webinar on digital asset management (DAM) on Oct. 28 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time. Sponsored by ADAM Software and moderated by InfoTrends, "Time to Give a DAM! Addressing New Challenges in a Multi-Media World" will address the growth in multimedia creation and consumption, discuss strategies and recommendations for DAM and examine success stories. The speakers are Niels Goossen, prepress development manager for Elopak; Wim Demeestere, CEO of De Schutter'Neroc; and Bryan Yeager, senior research analyst for InfoTrends. Click here to register and for more information.

Today's consumers are bombarded with thousands of promotional and informational messages on a daily basis, from television or radio ads and out-of-home advertising to direct mail to e-mails and Web ads. Marketers and line of business managers face the challenge of getting their messages out in a way that breaks through this clutter and encourages desired behaviors in recipients. These behaviors can range from education to brand recognition to changing investment strategies or purchasing the company's latest product or service.

With increasing economic pressures, it is time for enterprises to use a tried and true communications medium "transactional documents" in new and different ways to ensure that their messages are noticed. This means of communications is called transpromotional -- or TransPromo -- communications, and it is creating a significant buzz.

This webinar is designed to share new and innovative ways that transpromo is being leveraged in the market.  Barb Pellow, Group Director from InfoTrends will share transpromo strategies that have worked to drive business results.

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