Charlotte, NC

NAPL, the trade association for excellence in business management, selected 17 graphic communications companies to receive 2008 Management Plus Awards, which recognize management excellence in all phases of operation.

While the upcoming World Water Week (March 22-28) focuses attention on ways to assist more than one billion people on our planet who don’t have access to clean, safe water, INX International Ink Co. is already actively involved. One of the world’s largest ink manufacturers is a key supporter of CannedWater4Kids, a North American based program with global reach that is designed to create awareness and fund projects to purify water for children in developing nations.

They’re both concerned that print doesn’t always get the attention from marketers and media buyers that it deserves. They both believe that solidarity behind the united front of The Print Council is the best way to assure a vibrant role for print in the media mix. Doug Grant, president of Westamerica Graphics, and David Pitts, co-owner of Classic Graphics, say pride in print was behind their decisions to make their companies the newest members of The Print Council, a volunteer coalition that has been the leading advocacy group for print since 2003. As members, Westamerica Graphics and Classic Graphics will support the efforts of The Print Council to promote print as an effective marketing and communications medium.

The top companies in the commercial printing industry must have chosen their moniker for a good reason. To those not familiar with the giants of the graphic arts world, the names RR Donnelley, Quebecor World, Vertis and Banta could just as easily be leaders in any field. The fact is, they don't exactly scream "printing." Today, printers do so much more than just put ink on paper, that having "print" in a company's name doesn't tell the whole story. In fact, it could pigeon-hole a company from getting work not traditionally thought of as done by "printers." The most recent big-name printing company

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