Chambersburg, PA

Ever wonder why a hotel, a restaurant or even a golf course is operated by a government agency? There are plenty of companies in the private sector that have greater expertise and could do a better job for customers by providing better service and for tax payers by operating them more cost effectively. The same observation can be made in the print industry where companies large and small are seeking government print jobs every day. In some cases, work they could do and would welcome is never put up for public bid, because it is being done in-house by government printers.

The print suppliers that have been most successful in obtaining U. S. Government Printing Office (GPO) work during the Federal Fiscal Year 2008 have been announced by Government Print Management, the leading representative of print suppliers to government in the United States. Government Print Management is a division of e-LYNXX Corp.

CHAMBERSBURG, PA— November 11, 2008—A U.S. business method patent (Patent No. 7,451,106) that will change the way organizations buy customized goods or services has been awarded to e-LYNXX Corporation, one of the leading procurement management firms in North America.

CHAMBERSBURG, PA—September 2, 2008—Government Print Management has been formed as a business offering of e-LYNXX Corp. to work with print suppliers to gain U. S. Government Printing Office (GPO) and other government work. Based on more than 30 years of experience, Government Print Management obtains print job bid opportunities from the GPO and thousands of state and local sources to identify those jobs that fit the unique equipment and production requirements of its clients. “Government Print Management provides print suppliers with much more than a list of government bid opportunities. We represent more than 250 commercial print, direct mail and print marketing suppliers,

MONTEBELLO, CA—For the third consecutive year, Monarch Litho has topped the list with the highest dollar volume of work for the Government Printing Office (GPO). According to the annual Top 50 GPO printers list, compiled by Government Printing Sales of Chambersburg, PA, Monarch Litho registered $25.5 million in GPO work during the federal fiscal year. That gave it a slight edge over NPC, of Claysburg, PA, which came in at a little more than $24 million. Gateway Press, Louisville, KY, garnered the bronze medal with $19.4 million in GPO work. Cenveo ($17.7 million), of Englewood, CO, and St. Louis-based Von Hoffmann Graphics ($13.8 million) finished fourth

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