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Wide-format Output--The Bigger Picture
May 1, 1999

No longer a small niche consideration, large-format printing is elevating POP and outdoor graphics display markets to new heights, allowing commercial printers to break through new profit ceilings. BY MARIE RANOIA ALONSO The bigger, the better. Wider is better. Big is beautiful. If for nothing else, wide-format printing is an attention grabber. And why not? How can any other form of print convey sheer opulence, tender sensitivity, true magnitude and obvious grandeur with the same, well, monumental proportions as do the wide-format wonders driving new trends in outdoor display graphics, point-of-purchase designs and an array of larger-than-life banners, posters and signage? Why should the

Variable Data--Up Close and Personal
May 1, 1999

Developments in variable data are pushing on-demand print production to new levels of customization. What are the hot new technologies to see at the On-Demand Show? The answer, pun intended, varies. BY MARIE RANOIA ALONSO Talk about getting a little too up close and personal: Bitstream's PageFlex, Agfa's Personalizer-X and BARCO Graphics' VIPLine variable data software solutions, VariScript from Varis and Indigo's Yours Truly, Scitex's Darwin and Xeikon's PrintStreamer, EFI's FreeForm and Xerox's DigiPath—all are striking, almost surreal, examples of the power of variable data in printing. Talk about Big Brother. Imagine getting a customized postcard from a travel agency. A picture

Top 50 Color Digital Printers
May 1, 1999

For the fourth year, Printing Impressions has compiled a ranking of the top color on-demand print providers in the nation. This year, the universe of digital printers was drawn from lists supplied by digital vendors, as well as the individual companies. Rankings were determined by self-reported on-demand sales figures. While there are other companies who would qualify for this listing, we could only include those who responded to our survey. 1. XYANKing of Prussia, PA(610) 992-7100Total Annual Sales: $74,200,000% of Sales From On-demand: 60Principal Officer: David McGrewPlants: 61Employees: 750Year Founded: 1994Digital Printing Devices: Canon CLC 1000 (4); Xerox DocuColor 40 (12); Xerox DocuColor 70

Advanced Digital Graphics Joins With F.Y.I. Inc.
April 1, 1999

SAN RAFAEL, CA—Advanced Digital Graphics, based here, a full-service commercial printer serving San Francisco Bay-area needs, merged late last year with Dallas-based F.Y.I. Inc., one of the leading providers of document and information outsourcing solutions. Terms of the merger, completed Dec. 23, were not disclosed. ADG specializes in markets such as telecommunications, financial, software, computer, corporate, educational, healthcare, manufacturing, retail advertising and design firms. The company was founded in 1983 by Steven D. Skolnik, president. "After much research and consideration, there were a number of factors that made the decision to become part of F.Y.I. a wise one," Skolnik says. "First, it was

Finishing Flexibility
March 1, 1999

The pressure of on-demand finishing is not for the faint of heart. Still, in all the hoopla over print-on-demand output and marketing, little attention is showered on the specialized bindery demands that help realize on-demand's full potential. BY MARIE RANOIA ALONSO Ask Claude Monette, president and COO of Thebault DI—the digital printing arm of L.P. Thebault—what struggles his operation finds in the vast array of on-demand finishing combinations it must execute daily and Monette will offer a plethora of thoughts. "Typically, the struggles of finishing in an on-demand printing environment are with the seemingly endless finishing combinations that on-demand products lend themselves to—from a

Acquisition and Expansion Strengthen Cohber Press
February 1, 1999

ROCHESTER, NY—In a strategic move to strengthen its position within data processing, variable information printing and lettershop services, commercial offset printer Cohber Press, located here, has acquired Scanforms, also of Rochester. Previously owned by Webcraft, Scanforms provides one- and two-color variable information printing and data processing. As a result of the acquisition, 25 of Scanforms' programmers and management personnel are already in place within the Cohber Press staff, bringing its total number to 160. Management from Scanforms is now reporting to Bill Bachman, vice president of Digital Print Services. As a result of the two companies joining forces, Cohber Press is benefiting through Scanforms'

Daniels Printing--Passing the Torch
February 1, 1999

Daniels Printing communicates—and flourishes—without limits, generation after generation. By Erik Cagle FORGET ABOUT Fenway Park and the Red Sox, the Patriots and Cheers, or even the Kennedy clan, for that matter. No, to find a truly enduring institution in the state of Massachusetts, one needs to look at one of its most successful, long-running businesses. Long before anyone had ever heard of the Babe Ruth Curse or Frasier Crane, there was Abraham Daniels. And while community staples come and go, the name Daniels (three generations after Abraham) and its corresponding reputation remain a fixture in commercial printing. Armed with a new logo, Daniels

PIA/GATF--Two Associations, One Goal
January 1, 1999

The consolidation of the PIA and GATF signifies a new era—one aimed at bettering the position of each association's membership. BY ERIK CAGLE The mere mention of the word merger is enough to conjure up images of Exxon and Mobil, layoffs and plant shutdowns. The modern business partnership—be it a merger, consolidation or whatever moniker du jour is applied—has more to do with bottom lines than frivolous considerations such as, say, enhanced products and services for the customer. With that in mind, we bring you the marriage of the Printing Industries of America (PIA) and Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF), which went into

Fast-Track Firms--Growing Greatness
December 1, 1998

OK, so not everyone can be a Consolidated Graphics—exploding in sales more than 60 percent during 1998 through acquisitions. Then again, could the commercial printing industry really thrive in a sea of Consolidated clones? In an industry that is changing and consolidating, here are some leading printers from the Printing Impressions 500 on the road to riches. BY MARIE RANOIA ALONSO In an industry of giants, an industry that can boast top sales in the billions for the upper echelon and an industry that can compensate top CEOs in the millions of dollars, a commercial printing operation doubling sales from $10 million to $20

Graph Expo--A Show of Shows
December 1, 1998

GRAPH EXPO 98 and CONVERTING EXPO 98 was a hot ticket—sales were robust, booth traffic was brisk, technology advancements fierce and cooperative announcements healthy. BY MARIE RANOIA ALONSO Question pondered: Could GRAPH EXPO 98 be a "Show of Shows," when the international spectacles that were IPEX 98 and PRINT 97 captured the printing industry's collective practically within the same 12-month span, with IPEX in September and PRINT 97 the previous September? Does $108 million answer that? That's the figure Heidelberg reported it registered during the show's four-day tour of Chicago's McCormick Place recently. Heidelberg's success was not singular. Scores of the show's more than