Interactive Print - Near Field Communications

NFC Technology Brings Paper 'Alive'
April 15, 2015 at 9:44 am

Advertising media, interactive displays, product labeling and packaging, security—all are perfect playgrounds for NFC technology. Yes, some of the marketing applications are similar to QR codes, but without the ugly square that has been driving design-minded folks crazy for years.

When Nanotechnology Is Incorporated into Paper Electronics
March 24, 2014

Mainstream use of paper electronics with incorporated nanotechnology is still a ways off into the future. However in the last decade progress in the field has been greatly stimulated by advancements in thin film deposition and organic materials.

However the promise of electronics integrated into or printed out on paper has attracted significant international attention. Therefore, though still a ways off, one should not be surprised if in the future even ordinary sheets of paper are given a technological upgrade.

Komori Enters the Printed Electronics Market with Offset-Gravure Product Line
August 24, 2012

Komori Corp. announced the launch of the Pepio offset-gravure press line, designed for the manufacture of printed electronics. “First and foremost, Komori is an expert in precision manufacturing, and the entry into the printed electronics marketplace reinforces Komori’s message at drupa 2012 that we are expanding into new markets,” says Kosh Miyao, President and COO of Komori America.

Meet ‘Strappy,’ the Almost-There Future of Urban Transport Advertising Technology
June 18, 2012

As if Tokyo subway cars didn’t have enough ads already, the printing company Shunkosha stuck one onto hanging straps earlier this month. They call the ad “Strappy.” But Strappy isn’t your typical inanimate advertisement. Rather, it’s an interactive ad that communicates with your phone.

When riders touch their smartphones to Strappy, a browser pops up with an advertisement, coupon, video, or whatever other marketing device companies choose to employ. For the trial run...Strappy sent ads to passengers from the travel agency H.I.S.

The device works through the use of near-field communication, a short-range wireless connection that turns a smartphone into an advertisement