Interactive Print - Augmented Reality

Why Augmented Reality is Doing You a Disservice
July 30, 2014

Some marketers want to use technology whether it makes sense—and thus provides a good user experience—or not. A good user experience takes work. Lots of work. It has to be planned and executed well.

34 Tricks Printed Magazines Can Do That Apps Can’t
March 14, 2012

Sure, electronic editions have their advantages. I've never heard of a Nook edition getting caught in the U.S. Postal Service's FSS (Flats Shredding System) or having out-of-register ads. You can embed sound or video, track click-throughs, count how many people saw an article or ad, and do all kinds of other tricks that would make Gutenberg's head spin.

Why Marketers Should Care About Augmented Reality
March 13, 2012

Engaging with animation and Augmented Reality will lend itself to instant opt-in for contests, redirects to e-commerce, exploratory views of products, or even crossword puzzles without using a pen. This is another area where offline will merge with online and we can then make more direct comparisons of metrics for each tactic or campaign. At the same time, it will also represent a new world of standards, formats, best practices and everything else we've come to expect with true emerging media.