One Word That Can Make Your Life Easier as a Print Salesperson

Sometimes it seems that the customer always has the upper hand
Life as a print salesperson can be hard work. You have a lot of competition that want to hang on to the work that you are trying to win. And they are very keen to win over your customers.

So sometimes it’s easy to think that you must do exactly what the customer says. If you try and stand up to the customer they will simply head off to the competition.

I know quite a few buyers who take advantage of this.

But there’s one word you can use to stop customers from taking advantage of you
If you make a proposal, ask your customer if they think it’s fair. Using the word fair is more likely to make them agree with you. After all, if they disagree, they sound like they are saying that you are not a fair person.

If they really do have a problem with your proposal they then have to explain why it doesn’t work for them. You start a dialogue. You have an opportunity to resolve a situation that they’re not happy with before they head to the competition.

Try using the word “fair” more often
You might be surprised at the results…

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Many printing companies are frustrated how hard it is to engage buyers in today’s world. That’s where Matthew Parker can help. He is a gamekeeper turned poacher. Parker has bought print for more than 20 years and received over 1,400 print sales pitches. He now uses his buyer’s point of view to give practical advice to printers. He helps them engage with prospects and customers to create profitable relationships.

Download his free e-book, “Ten Common Print Selling Errors And What To Do About Them
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