Susan Kinney

The Label Printing Industry Association (LPIA), a special industry group of the Printing Industries of America, recently inducted William Smyth Jr., of Smyth Companies, St. Paul, MN, into the LPIA Hall of Fame. The Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation (GAERF) recently completed a total revision of the competencies that form the basis for instruction in PrintED, a national accreditation program for graphic communications at the secondary and post-secondary levels. In addition, GAERF has begun developing a national exit exam for students in PrintED classes to accommodate its adoption as a state-mandated program. The National Council for Skill Standards in Graphic Communications has announced

The challenges and rewards of digital printing were revealed more clearly by an informative panel during the recent Seybold Seminars in New York. In a session called "Digital Printing: Making Money at Last," the theme emerged that indeed some companies are making money with digital presses, but it hasn't been easy, and it's far from a sure thing. Moderator Bob Rosen, a New York-based marketing consultant, set the tone for the session when he declared, "It's our informed guess that in the digital print area, about 20 to 25 percent of the firms are quite profitable, and the rest—about 75 percent—are earning little or

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