Steve Gillispie

Cadmus is at it again—changing the industry, breaking all the rules. And it's enjoying the infraction. "We're violating the old taboos of printing," says Steve Gillispie, Cadmus chairman, president and CEO. "Printers don't help you market. Printers don't help you create. But Cadmus isn't just a printer. Cadmus is a unique kind of communications company. We're creating, producing and distributing the entire communications message in one unmatched outsource solution." With the power of several business units all operating under one corporate umbrella, Cadmus is literally a one-stop communications shop. "This is where the future is headed," adds Steve Isaac, executive vice president of the

BOCA RATON, FL—The recent PIA/GATF Graphic Arts Industry Summit drew 225 paid attendees to hear merger and acquisition strategies and case studies, and to honor industry leaders. Though the conference theme of "Buy, Sell, Merge, Grow" was directed toward the attendees, Ray Roper, PIA's president, and George Ryan, GATF's president, were paying close attention and taking their own notes. The consolidation of their organizations continues. Formal discussions were begun last November by the management and boards of both the PIA and GATF. The two organizations may join together, but the term "merger" is inappropriate. GATF is classified as a 501-C-3 educational foundation, and PIA

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