John Fosmire

BY CHRIS BAUER It is often said that lifelong printers have ink flowing through their veins. If this is true, John Fosmire's blood type must be CMYK. One of four inductees into the Printing Impressions/Rochester Institute of Technology Printing Industry Hall of Fame for 2001, Fosmire, president of Los Angeles-based Anderson Lithograph, comes from a long line of printers—himself marking the fifth generation of Fosmire to make his living by putting ink on paper. Born in Rochester, NY, but living in California for most of his life, Fosmire remembers going to work with his father, a Linotype operator, and helping to set lead

BY ERIK CAGLE One by one, John Fosmire, president and CEO of Los Angeles-based Anderson Lithograph, clicked off the names of former commercial printing contemporaries who had sold their interests to industry consolidators. It was as dubious a list of names as the would-be survivors who had been voted off the island. "Other than our acquisition by Mail-Well, I can't name any high-end lithographer that increased sales or was a better company a year after being acquired," Fosmire remarks. "Maybe (name withheld to protect the guilty), but I don't think so." Fosmire, a 40-year printing veteran, rattles two more possible names off the top

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