Jeff Scott

Jay Pontiac-Buick—Dealership Service Offers [The Business Objective] Jay Pontiac-Buick is an automobile dealership located on the Bedford AutoMile in Bedford, OH. They have been serving the community for more than 45 years. Ron Richnavsky, service manager at Jay Pontiac-Buick, considers himself very aggressive in the promotion of his business. For years he had been investing in direct marketing and personalized mailing activities with a specific vendor. His vendor spoke about personalization, but failed to deliver any but the most basic levels of direct marketing activity. Prompt Recovery is a variable data and one-to-one marketing firm—specializing in design, printing, data management and consulting services—that has served the automotive

When sheetfed printer Spectrum Press expanded into web printing, business management tools helped ease the company's growing pains. BY DENNIS E. MASON Printers looking for a growth formula could do worse than take a page from the book of Roseland, NJ-based Spectrum Press, located just west of New York City. When President and CEO Matthew J. "Matt" Scott started Spectrum Press, he adopted a credo that he says accounts for the company's phenomenal growth: "Never say no to a customer!" According to Matt, "Price is important, but Spectrum Press is not a price leader. We offer higher quality and service than most other printers, but we win

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