West Chester, PA

There are 27 employees at Star Print & Mail, including a programmer who specializes in postal issues, such as mailing rates, as well as variable data projects. The company, which was established in 1906 and whose original claim to fame included producing racy burlesque posters for New York and Philadelphia saloons, offers offset and digital printing, a complete bindery and a wide range of mailing services. Clients include national and local corporations, colleges and universities, ad agencies, non-profit groups and general commercial accounts. Interestingly, with all the services that Star Print has to offer, there is no marketing person.

Ever notice how some people get upset at the strangest things? Petty, petty, petty things. The types of things that make you wonder how much free time such people have, and how much of a bad thing that, in itself, can be. If you say Barry Bonds hit a grand slam home run, someone will roll his/her eyes, sigh and exclaim, "Redundant...hello!" You just can't get away with saying that, because someone wants you to know they're paying attention to what you say. And you should applaud them for knowing that a grand slam is nothing other than a home run. But there

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