SEATTLE—The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, a fixture in the great Northwest for nearly 150 years, published its last hard copy edition on Tuesday. The publication has converted to an online-only edition with a considerably smaller staff. The 146-year-old paper is the second major daily newspaper to fold this year, joining the Rocky Mountain News of Denver. Another, the Gannett-owned Tucson Citizen in Arizona, is scheduled to publish for the last time on Saturday.

Printing Impressions Bindery and Postpress News for March 2009

REPORTS OF the demise of newspapers may not have been exaggerated after all. In fact, I’d go as far to say they’re underestimated. The newspaper industry has long cried poor, living off thin margins for years, yet plugging away in the name of all that is sacred. No one enters journalism believing they’ll make a comfortable living.

SEATTLE—Unless a buyer is found, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is expected to let go all of its employees. In a letter to the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild—in accordance with the federal WARN Act—parent company Hearst Corp. notified employees that their jobs will end sometime between March 18 and April 1. The 117,000 daily circulation paper has a staff of 170. Hearst hired an investment banking firm to help identify a buyer for the paper.

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