Corporate Express Document & Print Management in Wichita, KS, was the recipient of a 2006 Supplier of Excellence Award from Hospira Inc., a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products. Dan Miller, finishing manager at Ripon Printers, has retired and was replaced by Randy Hartl, who joined the Ripon, WI-based company in May. Great Lake Integrated (GLI) has announced two staff appointments. Steve Caskey is the new warehouse manager at the GLDirect facility in Avon Lake, OH, and Timothy Hogan is an account executive based at GLI’s Cleveland headquarters. Cadmus Communications has hired Andy Johnson as executive vice president of print services for Cadmus’ Publisher Services Group. In this role,

Ripon Community Printers (RCP) ended a string of more than 40 years of coldset-only printing at its Ripon, WI, home with the installation of a MAN Roland Rotoman N heatset web press in a stacked configuration. A 25,000-square-foot addition was needed for the landmark press, which churned out its first job last spring. PI interviewed Andy Lyke, president of RCP, and Dennis Darnick, vice president of production, to get their views on the company's new heatset tenant. Among the people responsible for turning on the heat at RCP after 40 years of coldset printing there, are (pictured from the left) Dennis Darnick, vice president of

RIPON, WI—The state may be better known for its more frigid temperatures, but Ripon Community Printers (RCP) has added a bit of heat to its corner of Wisconsin. The long-awaited installation of a four-color MAN Roland Rotoman N web press, reportedly the first stacked model in North America, has been completed at Ripon, formerly known for its coldset products. The new machine will allow the printer to churn out heatset printing on coated and calendered stocks. "With our reputation as one of the top coldset printers in the U.S., adding heatset printing is a natural for us and our customers since we already have the

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