HP today announced the end of its successful beta testing program for the HP Scitex FB7500 Printer and a 150 percent increase in production capacity of the versatile flatbed printer to meet customer demand. HP also announced the first commercial installations of the printer at Fair-play BV in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Kürten & Lechner in Köln, Germany.

While the amount of information that we digitally process ever increases many people still prefer to read from paper rather than electronic displays even though the cost is greater with printing. Many companies are developing electronic paper, which combine the desirable viewing characteristics of conventional printed paper with the ability to manipulate the displayed information electronically. Electronic paper based on the electrophoretic motion of particles inside small capsules has been demonstrated and commercialized; but the response speed of such a system is rather slow, limited by the velocity of the particles. Electrowetting Philips Research in Eindhoven, the Netherlands have demonstrated that electrowetting is an

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