He foresees the evolution of reading from a solitary pursuit into a communal, electronically networked activity—something he calls social reading. The advantages of digital technology "are so weighted toward collaboration that people will tear down the existing structures and build something new," Stein said while sitting among the jammed but now rarely touched bookshelves in his Brooklyn home.

Head of the ambitiously named Institute for the Future of the Book, Stein is one of a collection of programmers, philosophers and other deep thinkers who debate where things are heading in online venues such as a conference

He's been around the world dozens of times, but his most recent travels culminate in Miami, where print guru-extraordinaire Frank Romano brings news of the future of print, and in particular the powerful industry move to inkjet, in two essential sessions at Graphics of the Americas 2009, February 26-28 in Miami Beach, FL.

Inside a small, printing factory, the printers at Precise Continental in Brooklyn, NY, have been working around the clock. They're under a deadline of historic proportions—printing 1 million invitations for President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration.

BROOKLYN, NY—When clients expressed interest in direct mail, International Lithographing knew just where to turn: the OMNI Companies, based here. With the recent acquisition of OMNI, International Lithographing has bought both direct mail expertise and customer satisfaction. "It's the largest direct marketing company in New York, and my existing customers at International Lithographing encouraged me in that direction," reveals Arthur N. Petrou, CEO of Philadelphia-based International Lithographing and chairman of Taconic Direct Holdings, the holding company that owns both International Lithographing and OMNI. OMNI consists of four operations: OMNI Mail, OMNI Computer Marketing, OMNI Envelope and OMNI Litho. The main OMNI facility, a 120,000-square-foot

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