A Student's Perspective: Entering the Printing Industry
June 24, 2013

I enter the printing industry with a "glass half full" mentality and think there couldn't be a more exciting time to be involved. Are there challenges with growing media channels becoming a competing a more effective option? Yes. But there are also opportunities and good business to be done if you can find where those growth areas exist that incorporate and still drive print

Observations from GRAPH EXPO
October 16, 2012

Back in the day, when business was booming and you could barely hear yourself think above the din, I once wrote a column that called GRAPH EXPO “sensory overload.” GRAPH EXPO 2012 was a bit quieter and more subdued. I thought I’d share a few thoughts on the trip as a whole:

Retailers Building with Data, not Brick and Mortar
June 5, 2012

Last week, I attended a customer relationship marketing conference for retailers, by retailers. I have to say that I barely made it through the conference without spontaneously combusting from the speed of change in the retail marketing sector.

The Most Important Product You Offer is not Print!
May 17, 2012

The market seems to be looking to 2013 as a year that will be less negative for printing and related trades. All that is needed for you to gain market share is to provide clients information—the correct information!

Make a Difference: Do Well by Doing Good
May 14, 2012

I have had the pleasure of serving on the board of directors of an organization that I would like everyone to know more about. The Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation provides college scholarships to students interested in entering the graphic arts.

Print’s Future Is in Good Hands
May 8, 2012

The moment I found myself surrounded by undergrads studying to get degrees in imaging, I wondered, “What’s on their minds?” Beyond simply “getting a job,” what are their hopes and concerns? What is their vision for the future?

The Future: People Convergence!
April 30, 2012

We may gain productivity improvements when we adopt new technology, but, to be honest, we now need to start to understand that our true future lies in the technology of people—our workers, the staff we will all hire to manage, operate and develop the latest in technology.

Five Things I Want Printers to Hear
April 19, 2012

As an Association Professional, I am dealing with business owners and their employees every day. I hear their hopes and fears, triumphs and woes. I am often asked how belonging to the association will bring them more business.

Love of Print Is Secret to Dscoop’s Success
April 16, 2012

Dscoop grows every year, boasting a sell-out crowd this year of more than 2,000 attendees. One of the things I find unique at this conference is that people are happy, joyous and appear to be having fun in this industry.