Mergers & Acquisitions

In this challenging economy, mergers and acquisitions are headed in a new direction. Printing Impressions has partnered with New Direction Partners, the leading investment banking and financial advisory firm serving the printing industry, to provide a resource for printing executives dedicated to merger and acquisitions (M&A).
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What a Seller Needs to Know During an M&A Transition

At New Direction Partners, we often advise selling owners of printing businesses to be prepared to stay on in one role or another after the transaction closes. Because keeping a hand in the business at the new owner’s request is a given in so many deals, it’s helpful to have some idea of what the responsibility is going to entail and what psychological adjustments are going to be needed along the way.

M&A: Fair to Middling to Marvelous

Recently, New Direction Partners spoke with a group of investors about structuring a multi-company transaction. It’s a conversation we wouldn't have expected to be having on behalf of printing firms just a few years ago.

Five Red Flags for Sell-It-Yourselfers

As the former president of a Printing Industries of America regional affiliate, I had the good fortune to work with many smart and successful owners of thriving printing businesses. I had the greatest respect for their abilities, but then as now, there is one thing that I would never have recommended that they attempt: selling their companies without professional representation and advisement.

The Urge to Merge Is Still Strong

If you own a printing business, you should be in either a selling or a buying frame of mind - even if you have no present intention of doing either. These days, understanding M&A basics is smart thinking for every owner.

Midwestern Packaging Partner

Our client designs and manufactures both boxes and folding cartons. Products include candy boxes, gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, complete folding cartons and gameboards. Revenues of this highly profitable firm are approaching $10 million. Contact: Peter Schaefer at or by phone at 610-935-1000.

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National E-Commerce Web-to-Print Provider

Our Client is a company with Eastern and Western facilities allowing one and two-day delivery to North America. Their E-Commerce web-to-print online portal supports all types of products including com-mercial print, promotional products, inventory fulfill-ment & packaging. With a sophisticated e-commerce operating platform, robust marketing capabilities, and technically advanced production capabilities, this is a highly desirable property. Contact: Tom Williams at or by phone at 203-856-0120.

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Midwest Direct Marketing Provider

Our client is a leading solution provider of marketing and direct mail production services to the automobile industry. The firm is fully integrated with the automo-bile industry including providing call center support. Our client provides a complete range of direct mail services including products covered under US Patents. With revenue of approximately $10 million it is highly profitable. Contact: Paul Reilly at or by phone at 303-520-7803

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Label Firm Seeking Strategic Add-ons

Our client seeks to purchase Label firms anywhere in the US. Our client is well capitalized, conservatively managed and looking to grow its national footprint. The ideal target will be profitable with revenues of $10 million or less. Contact: Paul Reilly at or by phone at 303-520-7803.

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Buyer of Digital and Direct Mail Firms within 150 Miles of New York City

Client seeks to purchase digital printers and direct mail/mailing firms located within 150 miles of New York City. The ideal target will be profitable with revenues in excess of $8.5 million. Contact: Peter Schaefer at or by phone at 610-935-1000.

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Buyer of New England Commercial Printers

Client seeks purchase of commercial, speciality, mailing and marketing printers/agencies throughout New England. Seeking firms with strong management, sales and production staff and a history of serving the corporate, institutional, and organizational markets. Poised for a quick transaction with capacity and funding in place. Contact: Jim Tepper at or by phone at 508-523-9033.

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