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Educating Designers Goes a Long Way When It Comes to Inkjet Printing Output
June 22, 2016

It doesn’t take much prodding to get Elizabeth Gooding engaged on the subject of designing for color production inkjet printing. She has no shortage when it comes to insights on the challenges involved in preparing files for inkjet printing. She could even write a book on the subject. And that she has. Last year, Gooding and fellow ink-on-paper guru Mary Schilling teamed up on "The Designer’s Guide to Inkjet" [published and printed by Canon Solutions America] that, despite its title's suggested audience, is an indispensable tool for any inkjet printer’s library.

Adobe Ranked World’s Greenest IT Company By Newsweek
June 9, 2014

In Newsweek’s 2014 Green Rankings released this week, Adobe was ranked as the second greenest company in the United States, and third greenest in the world. In the category of IT companies, Adobe tops the list both in the United States and globally.

Interactive Content Apps for Tablets, Smart Phones Create Revenue Opportunities
April 1, 2014

For printers that already offer layout and design services, an unexpected revenue source (or at least a way to retain customer loyalty) may be digital media itself, in the form of interactive apps for tablets and smartphones. Unlike Websites, apps can be created with the same tools used to produce printed pages. With a modest software investment, plus incremental training of existing staff, printers can offer their clients supplemental interactive collateral—to complement their printed products.

Adobe Upgrade May Leave Some eBook Readers in the Dark
February 18, 2014

Adobe has issued a proclamation that starting in July, the vast majority of e-reader apps and hardware devices will not be able to read purchased eBooks anymore.

This announcement stems from a massive upgrade to the encryption system Adobe has implemented in their new Digital Editions 3.0 and will have reverberating effects on ePub books all over the world. Unless thousands of app developers and e-reader companies update their firmware and programming, customers will basically be unable to read books they have legitimately purchased.

The big drawback to the mandatory Adobe upgrade is all of the old e-readers, reading apps, and older