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Heatset Web Printing -- Dead Set on Heatset
May 1, 1998

Direct cylinder imaging, variable cutoffs, gapless and mini-gap printing, pinless folding, shaftless press drives, digitally preset ink, computer-to-plate workflow and data management systems. Web press manufacturers call these technological advancements. Printers consider them survival techniques—survival of the technologically fittest. In today's highly competitive heatset web offset market, presses are being designed with high quality, high speed, folder flexibility and paper savings in mind. Manufacturers are constantly improving upon existing technologies and incorporating new automation innovations into their equipment designs. However, technology is only a tool. It's up to the printers to grow their own business, then reap whatever they sow. Statistics show two promising

New Waterless Innovations from Imperial
February 1, 1998

PHOENIX—The people who created "Dryography" are at it again. Imperial Litho & Dryography, based here, says it is the first printer in the United States to offer commercially available 300-line heatset web printing. They've dubbed the process WebElite. "The debut of WebElite is in keeping with our commitment to constantly introduce innovative products to the marketplace, something we've continued to do over the past 39 years," declares Malcolm Marr, CEO. Marr says Imperial developed WebElite by taking the prepress techniques it has advanced over the past five years of manufacturing 300- and 600-line Dryography and combining them with specialized ink, chemistry, blanket and roller configurations. Dryography, a sheetfed