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Sun Chemical Introduces Streamline OEM-Compatible Digital Wide-Format Aftermarket Inks
January 7, 2015

Designed specifically for use in wide-format printers that use high-quality solvent-based inks, Sun Chemical's new Streamline range of OEM-compatible digital aftermarket inks provide an optimal solution for large-format display advertising. The inks are carefully matched to the original products for both color shade and strength, as well as physical properties, so print providers can use their existing printer settings when converting from the OEM inks.

Sun Chemical to Increase Prices on Packaging Inks
April 4, 2011

Due to shortages and cost increases of raw materials, effective May 1, Sun will raise prices on all solvent- and water-based white inks by a minimum of 10 percent and Violet 23 inks by a minimum of 20 percent.

Printing by the Numbers
August 1, 2010

The combination of the Vs Series inks on uncoated stock—a popular choice today—has resulted in multiple benefits. For one thing, Van Son inks dry very quickly, and that, in turn, means Lorraine Press can finish print projects faster.

The Year in Review
December 1, 2009

By all accounts, 2009 was a difficult year for the printing ink industry. Manufacturers faced pressure from a variety of areas: the global recession, the downturn in the printing market, higher raw material costs and fierce competition.

Van Son Introduces Vs1 Ink to Popular Vs Ink Series
August 5, 2009

Van Son Holland Ink Corp., a leading global printing ink manufacturer known around the world for producing high quality, high performance inks for every offset press, today announced the introduction of Vs1 to its Vs Series of inks.