Time Out: Take a Breath

We finished last week’s blog post with STOP. So, I figured it would be good to reflect on this “thing” we call TIME. Time management is the greatest struggle many of us have. Time is our greatest resource and it is easy to have too many things to do and feel there is not enough time to get them done.

Here is a shorthand way I have created for you to think about the word time. T= Total; I= Inundation, M=Multiple Mediums; E= Everyday. This means that most all of us are totally overwhelmed with way too much information on a continual basis. Thus, our stress level is high, our focus is often lacking and our attention span is short.

This causes us to have a hard time getting to really understand someone else and have a true conversation—a dialogue, not a monologue. People do not buy printing. In contrast, they buy trust, solutions and peace of mind. Why? They value their time.

Are you satisfied with the things you are focused on or are you spending most of your time in crisis mode: slammed, buried, in the weeds, drowning, etc.?

Recently, as part of this Perception IS Reality blog series I created a podcast that goes into more detail on time. Remember it is not that you did not have time to do something it is that you did not make time to do it. So…where does your time go each day, each week? Are you satisfied with it or do you desire to change? What better “time” is there than now?

Ryan T. Sauers is president of Sauers Consulting Strategies and spent nearly 20 years leading printing and promotional product companies prior to founding the firm. The organization consults with printing and promotional product related companies across the country, helping them grow the front end of their organization. Sauers is working on his Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership and is the author of the top-selling book “Everyone Is in Sales”, with another book in the works.  He is a Certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator and DiSC Practitioner and Certified Marketing Executive. Ryan writes national feature articles and speaks at national conferences on such topics as sales, marketing, communications, leadership, organizational strategy and social media. He is also an adjunct university professor. More info at ryansauers.com.
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